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ICSE Class 9 Biology Syllabus

Education is not just about getting good grades and securing a job. It also plays a significant role in helping us discover new things what we don’t know and increase our knowledge. The word biology is derived from the Greek words /bios/ meaning /life/ and /logos/ meaning /study/ and is defined as the science of life and living organisms. An organism is a living entity consisting of one cell, e.g. bacteria, or several cells, e.g. animals, plants and fungi. Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms. Modern biology is a vast and eclectic field composed of many specialized disciplines that study the structure, function, growth, distribution, evolution, or other features of living organisms. The cell is the basic unit of life.

Sl. No. Biology Syllabus
1 . Introducing biology(Scope and branches)
2 . Cell
3 . Tissue:Plants And Animals Tissues
4 . Flowers
5 . Pollination and Fertilization
6 . Plant Physiology
7 . Respiration in Plants
8 . Five Kingdom Classification
9 . Economic Importance of Bacteria and Fung
10 . Human Anatomy and Physiology
11 . Digestive System
12 . Skeleton-Movement and Location
13 . Skin-The Jack of All Trades
14 . The Respiratory System
15 . Hygiene
16 . Diseases: Cause and Control
17 . Aids to Health
18 . Health Organization
19 . Waste Generation and Management