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Why Us?

Education is a booming industry and newly-conducted, research-backed teaching methods are being utilized to increase access to quality learning materials and provide resources to students that help overcome learning difficulties. The main difficulties faced by students are the use of obsolete teaching materials and a serious lack of motivation and engagement due to these boring teaching materials.

Students' Learning Styles Dictate Content

The mix of learning modules provide multiple sources of content constructed for every type of learner; whether auditory, visual, or experiential. From the text-to-speech story telling sessions for younger students to the 3D videos and models for the older students, the whole spectrum of possible avenues to address learning style has been covered by PIE.

Learning is about satisfying that urge to know more and PIE takes you on that journey and is by your side for every step with Zen and Zeena, introducing our one of a kind personalized tutor and scheduler. Zen and Zeena accompany the student on their academic journey suggesting correlated topics, helping with hints when questions become too difficult, and setting reminders so students do not veer from their study timeline.

Engaging, Efficient, and Effective Modes of Learning

We offer numerous modes of learning such as classroom and 3D videos, story-telling sessions, capability tests, augmented reality games and Concept clearing games. These modes of education help the child learn through interactive sessions.

We focus on simplifying concepts so that your child will be able to better grasp the subject matter and have a clear understanding of the concepts. This simplification in combination with our Capability-adaptive software creates a highly-effective and streamlined learning process. Students learn at a rapid pace with high retention rates.

Gameplay Strengthens Learning

The use of gameplay is a major strategy employed to reinforce subject matter in an exciting manner. This is why we have based PIE on the idea that education through gaming results in retention and comprehension far beyond what rote textbook learning can ever hope to accomplish.

The use of practice and exam-style assessments combined with Augmented Reality based gaming help solidify lessons and theories easily. Children are naturally inquisitive and so learning should be facilitated in a way that harnesses this natural tendency by providing an outlet to explore without the burden of the typical reading and questions/answer format. Game-based learning, experiential, and activity based learning have been proven to be highly effective in terms of student engagement and comprehension.

These are just a few of the reasons why PIE is above the rest but the simple fact remains that we are just discerning parents, just like you, trying to give our children the best education possible. The real learning and fun starts when you install PIE and join Zen and Zeena on their journey to academic brilliance. So, don’t just settle for any tutoring app choose PIE for all the positive and rewarding benefits it offers. And Remember if you get hungry for knowledge, just eat some more PIE!!