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What is Chunking, why is it Important in Education, and How is it Used in PIE?

What is Chunking, why is it Important in Education, and How is it Used in PIE?

We, at Praadis Education, believe that learning should be less stressful and more enjoyable. So, we utilize a wide range of teaching mediums to create a high level of engagement. We have developed our content in a unique way, utilizing animations, augmented reality, educational games, and many other interactive features. All of these different modules are created with the explicit use of research-backed teaching principles.

Chunking Is an Effective Learning Strategy!

Chunking is an idea, in psychology, that states small bits of data when bound together to create a whole idea are more easily and readily understood as compared to huge amounts of data given all at once. Our modules are expertly written to create this exact impact - so the mind can digest new data more effectively. The scientific data proving this phenomenon states that working memory, the place where the brain controls data, can only hold a restricted amount of data at any one time. Therefore, chunking is a manageable way of processing information and understanding it thoroughly. This is a strategy that every student should be taught to utilize.

Chunking and The PIE App – The Complete Learning App

Chunking data is especially vital for learning difficult subject matter. Our mobile-learning and eLearning content has been created for exactly this purpose. Our videos, whether 3D or Classroom, sets up students for success. But this is only one piece of the PIE. Our other content is also created to supplement Chunking and deepen the understanding of subject matter.

Start with Chunking but End with Hands-on Application

Praadis Education prides itself on its ability to teach students like no other institution. This is done by supplementing chunking technique with other varied learning modules utilizing varied teaching principles. Short-term memory plays a role in learning but even more important is the long term memory. The ability to actually apply the concepts taught in subject matter in real-life is the ultimate test of comprehension. This is why we also engage students in practical hands-on activities.

Content According to Individual Learning Levels

Personalized learning paths are also key in this type of learning. Every student is unique and so are their learning styles. So, in order to ensure that every student in Praadis Education reaches their potential we have used technologies such as Text –to-Speech for auditory learners, 3D videos for visual learners, and AR games to create a motivated learning environment. Praadis Education’s Key Focus Area Module and Capability-Adaptive Testing are also included in our application to ensure each student is indeed progressing and achieving at their own pace.

Here at Praadis Education, we pride ourselves on not just teaching students but helping mold great individual. We believe students don't need courses stacked with overwhelming and monotonous study material but a more holistic education. The PIE application unites dynamic and engaging resources with research-backed teaching methods to ensure student success. Let’s begin the journey together, visit in.praadisedu.com for your free trial today.

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