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What are Requisites for Top Class Education?

What are Requisites for Top Class Education?

Today education institutes are mushrooming in the city like never before. Every corner of every city has one or two education institutes. This is good for a country like India where population and poverty are soaring. This increased attention to educational infrastructure helps people to gain access to education. But do these institutes provide a top class education to our kids? Does our education system generate good citizens? Are institutes imparting students with enough knowledge and skills to survive and compete in this era?

  • Practical Approach - Education should provide more than just what is written in a textbook. It should also include some practical and hands on experience. In today’s scenario, unemployment has peaked. Companies are looking for people not just with good academics but also with real-life exposure. Freshers do not have this experience but they still need to work.
    Now, the best educational institutes are providing students with hands-on experiences. This change in approach from being theoretical to practical has to spread to all educational institutes. This experience usually takes the form of an internship.
  • Problems are Opportunity - Day to day, problems are faced by everyone. How we respond to these hurdles, all depends on attitude. Mindset dictates whether a hurdle stays a hurdle or whether it becomes an opportunity. This grit is what needs to be taught to students; that problems are just opportunities waiting to be explored. Taking a problem solving approach will always help in education and your career. We can prepare our students to face the challenges in the real world through our educational system.
  • Ecosystem - Our ecosystem and environment do not play a significant role in our education. Yes, we definitely have environmental science as a subject but is that enough to make a change. We are not just producing a workforce through our education system, we are creating the next generation and they should be taught how to live harmoniously with our environment and how to improve our surroundings.
  • Attitude building – Today’s students lack proactive behavior and the habit of taking ownership. It is rightly said that, “leaders are not born but created”. Not everyone can be a leader but we can always prepare our kids to take ownership and to be proactive in their approach. This attitude helps people to come out of any situation easily. Being proactive helps you to gain an advantage over others and makes you a responsible person. You not only take responsibility but in a way you become a leader.

Our education system should not only focus on the texts but also consider above mentioned points for the holistic development of students. The above mentioned points will not only mold a good student but a well-adjusted, well-rounded, and productive member of society that is prepared for the challenges of the real world.

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