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Is a Bagless Education Better than a Traditional Education?

Is a Bagless Education Better than a Traditional Education?

The overload on books by private schools is almost double of what is required by NCERT. But with PIE there is no need for books because all the content of the textbook is inside a mobile application on a smartphone that fits in your hand.

Students don't learn more just because they have more books! The huge number of textbooks required by schools is ridiculous and has no impact in a student’s actual education. It just seems as though children will learn through osmosis – just put the book to your head and it sinks in. They point of an education is to mold a child into a critical thinker and well-rounded adult – not turn a child into an encyclopedia. Facts show that with the rise in private schools in India that the requirement of school books has also increased. All this creates undue pressure on students. Students schoolbags are getting heavier year after year. For a KG student, the requirement is to purchase around 10 – 12 books that need to be brought to and from school every day. This is out of control!

This an ideal opportunity to reconsider the role of content in education. Even more important is the matter of how to encourage learning instead of deciding which book to teach from. In response to this need, Praadis Education has instituted a bagless curriculum and created a stress-free learning curriculum for all students.

Traditional Textbooks or PIE Learning App's Digital Content?

In this day and age, textbooks are rendered obsolete. Editions are printed years apart during which time the educational material is outdated. This adds up to a student who is not in tune with the world. Mlearning and eLearning platforms are the solution to this problem – they can be updated on a daily basis or as new developments come up.

Mlearning and Elearning platforms are easy to use and come with motivators such as games and capability-adaptive testing. These items help motivate students to continue studying and at the same time help focus their time and energy. Textbooks are not meant to be fun or engaging. This is where learning becomes a burden but with Praadis Education’s application kids will take every opportunity to sit down with PIE. Immersive 3D videos, story-telling sessions, educational games all add up to a smarter student who is highly excited to learn and improve. The best part is that PIE's software provides personalized learning paths.

  • PIE Learning App Accommodates Everyone's Needs:PIE, the Complete Learning App is appropriate for every student in classes KG to 12th. This cutting-edge learning app is leading the way in developing thorough understanding of difficult subject matter and preparing students for their exams.

  • Lectures can be seen multiple times: Unlike any study center, with Praadis Education’s application students can access study material at any time and any number of times. This is particularly helpful when preparing for exams. Mlearning and eLearning allows students the freedom to attend lectures whenever they want with ease.

  • Creative Animations: Animated and interactive videos and educational games are improving education. Our key purpose in preparing these videos and games is to increase student engagement and retention.

With the Praadis Education's App students can discover a variety of topics, animations, educational games, objective and subjective tests, with a mere click. From storytelling sessions for younger students the 3D videos and models for the older students, the whole spectrum of possible avenues to address learning style has been covered by the PIE app. So visit in.praadisedu.com and register for your free trial today.

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