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How do we Create Joyful Learning in PIE?

How do we Create Joyful Learning in PIE?

Innovation has been transcendent in every sector of India over the past couple of years. Innovation has made everything a lot simpler and quicker - leaving no option but to adjust. In this era of digitalization, it is an absolute necessity for the education sector to likewise adjust to the dynamic digital domain.


Praadis Education is ahead of the curve in terms of digitalization; a front-runner in the education domain. The PIE application contains a mix of teaching methods and modes of learning which also can be tailored to suit the need of the student. The use of Artificial Intelligence has increased the effective of our application and the overall learning efficiency and efficacy of the student through these varied teaching modules, capability adaptive testing, and study plans that cater to the student’s capabilities.

Exciting and Engaging Modules

We, at Praadis Education, believe that the learning process is dynamic and should be infused new novelty to excite the student. There is no place for fear or anxiety over a subject like Math when it is presented in through gameplay. The learning process is itself multi-faceted which requires progression and practice. But if the practice is fun then it does not feel like practice. Students will play, learn, practice, and improve with ease. That’s the magic of PIE!

Animation and other Modes of Learning

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are exciting formats for education. These mediums offer enhanced learning opportunities for students. Learning styles are a real phenomenon and for a student to truly realize his potential he must be taught in a way that suits his learning style. This is hte reason for varied modes of learning. By offering content that appeals to visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinaesthetic learners, we are pacing the road to academic success. Even the most difficult of subjects can be learned easily when the right medium is used. This is does, PIE makes learning easier.

Analytics for Improvement

The Parent App is all around Analytical tool that thoroughly tracks students’ progress. Assessment, regular review of achievements, and planning for future progression is key to actual improvement. The Analytics function is instrumental for Parents because it shares all the activities and assessments in detail. Test scores alone do not define or measure actual learning. The totality of the efforts put into a subject is the real measure of actual learning. Obviously, we have included testing as a learning tool but it is not the sole measure of subject knowledge.

Accessible Any time

In this day and age, time is always in short supply and the PIE – The Learning App is a big time saver. eLearning or mLearning (Electronic and Mobile Learning) courses provide access that is second to none. These platforms can be attempted at any time and from anywhere.


PIE offers an exciting method of learning which is straightforward and accountable. Guardians can monitor their wards' advancement and likewise share their concerns, perspectives, or recommendations to improve the framework. This is the exact opposite of the conventional education system where change is not possible. PIE offers PraadisConnect and Chat TTexto which are text and media sharing features that allow information sharing, course questions, customer service that is not remotely possible in the traditional education system. Praadis Education allows parents and guardians first-hand access to the progress and the developers of the app. All this adds up to a better student

The PIE application changes learning from a scholarly exercise to an engaging experience.

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