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Customized Learning - Engaging Students with Technology

Customized Learning - Engaging Students with Technology

Customized Learning is where the education is “student-centric” and is supplanting the old methodology of "one framework fits all." This shift in methodologies has changed the manner in which educators instruct and students learn.

Technology in Education has effectively entered the mainstream as online course content, online classes, and lectures are available for students worldwide.

Effective Learning with PIE App

Hardware is just a single piece of the technological advancement puzzle; the real innovation lies in the rich software. From creating content to creating AR games, there are a myriad of ways Praadis Education’s App is helping students and educators. Praadis Education’s App is focused on changing stressful education to a fun learning experience in this next generation.


Our fundamental vision lies in providing students the utility of learning through educational games. Gaming motivates students’ commitment and peaks students’ interest. Praadis Education’s app features several types of games including Logic games, Role-Playing games, and multi-player games that all encompass concepts from our exhaustive educational content.

Personalized Learning

The key to a student-centric learning approach is the advent of personalized learning paths. Praadis Education’s app comes with Artificial-Intelligence Enhanced components that pinpoint students’ strengths and weaknesses. Videos, Games, and Concepts are put forwards to shore up their fundamentals. This alongside real-time feedback, teacher support, and peer-to-peer learning platforms provide a comprehensive learning solution that will improve student comprehension.

End Result is Student Improvement

While customized learning is never exclusively about the innovation or digital content, the utilization of capability-adaptive content and tools are necessary in making a fruitful m-learning experience.

Praadis Education’s app does not supplant the educator; rather, it works to compliment the instruction received in traditional educational settings. Our Complete Learning Application helps students' in an authentically sincere way through engaging formats and simplified content.

Praadis Education’s app includes many energizing formats such as 3D interactive videos,4D AR games, and Story-telling sessions. Get the Complete Learning Application from Praadis Education.

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