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CBSE Exam Format Changes

CBSE Exam Format Changes

The CBSE has changed its examination formats to include practical assessments. The curriculum and preparation for such exams will no doubtedly force the student to adjust his learning technique due to this change. This is a step in the right direction – out with the obsolete model of test-taking and in with the more modern, logical, and pragmatic form of examination focused on real-world application. It’s about time that such a change took place. Needless to say, Praadis Education has been ahead of the curve for some time.

Our program revolves around a holistic approach to education that keys in on practical assessments and student motivation. Praadis Education has created a platform that provides access to material that is geared towards the full spectrum of learners; auditory, visual, social, kinaesthetic, and reading/writing. So for auditory learners we created Story-telling sessions that introduce important subject concepts in story form whereas for visual learners we create Virtual Reality 3D Videos that give unparalleled insights into subject topics. Most importantly, we’ve created Augmented Reality games that take learning to another level – through gaming students learn usually difficult subject matter with relative ease.

It’s important to mention that India is now a global leader when it comes to education with expectations of nearly 315 million students currently enrolled. Of these students, only 35 million will reach college; that’s roughly ten percent and this excludes those children that are not attending school. So the actual figure of those who discontinue school or never even enrolled is staggering. Praadis Education wants to change this outcome – Our application is meant for every student. The fact is Praadis Education’s app allows the freedom to study anywhere and at any time. Let Praadis Education help your child reach his full potential. Visit in.praadisedu.com now to review the full breath of Praadis Education’s Learning Application for students in KG-12th.

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