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About Us

Praadis Institute of Education is an online educational portal imparting knowledge through various interactive modes of learning across the globe. We offer learning programs for students of KG-12. We also gear up aspirants for competitive exams nationally and internationally.

We, at Praadis Education, aim to create a welcoming and exciting environment where we provide rich and diverse content through excellent and innovative methods. We believe in inspiring students to achieve their best in academics through PIE.

Our Vision

To bring all the education systems of the world to a single platform and connect all the learners across the globe through PIE app.

To cater to the uniqueness of each child and understand their learning process. To provide different avenues of learning.

To ensure 4 Cs – Customize Content according to the Country’s Curriculum. To provide content for each board of different countries.

To provide quality education within reach of all students covering different countries across all geographies of the world.

To amalgamate knowledge and technology and create content which is interactive, engaging and relatable to the current scenario.

To understand the needs and requirements of our students and fulfils the dream of each parent. Customer service is our utmost priority.

Our Motive and Purpose

Knowledge can become powerful if it is applied in the right way. Praadis education is the brainchild of Mr Prashant Bhatia, who is a leading attorney in the United States and Mrs Aditi Bhatia, who is a leading jewellery designer and a graduate gemologist. Being a parent themselves, they were always concerned regarding the heavy bags that their children had to carry every day. They have spent many years in different countries and have closely seen the gaps in the education system and how these gaps are affecting students and their knowledge. They believe that investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Keeping their belief intact, they invested their precious 25 years in transforming the stressful and incurious education into joyful learning.

Praadis education is an outcome of exhaustive and extensive technical research and development. Praadis education app combines knowledge and technology to create a perfect platform for all learners. Praadis aims to simplify the learnings for all kinds of learners. Praadis understands that every child is unique, so is his style of learning, and thus, we have created modules of curriculum and avenues of learning to cater to the uniqueness of each child. Programs have been developed based on the exhaustive research of top-notch educationalist and neuroscientist. The modules are designed, keeping in mind the children psychology.

The most significant avenue of learning is through the powerful feature - Augmented Reality (AR), which provides students with an interactive experience of the real world environment. This feature allows students to explore and connect to the real world using the latest technologies and gaming programmes for creating better understanding and enhancing their cognitive skills. This app is enhanced with AI (Artificial intelligence) so that the student’s learning method can be understood and then the app customizes the learning curriculum for the student according to his/her learning style.

Praadis is determined to provide a joyful learning experience to the learners through state-of-the-art technology. It understands the concerned of today’s parent and is obstinate to cater to their concerns and resolve them to the maximum extent.

Knowledge is like a garden; if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.