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About Us

Praadis Institute of Education is an online educational portal imparting knowledge through various interactive modes of learning across the globe. We believe knowledge is an ultimate tool to achieve success in life.


  • To Change Education From Stressful Education to Joyful Learning
  • To help millions of children access and discover the ease of learning through PIE by Donating PAID subscriptions to Non-profit Educational Institutes for reaching each growth milestone

The Core Principles

  • Equal access to education for all
  • Educational content that is more engaging
  • Educational content that is easily understandable and relatable
  • A fully-digital and bag-less curriculum

An extreme gap present in the education systems of both the United States and India

As a Women’s and Minority Business Enterprise, we are sensitized to all the issues that surround education today. Raising children is a challenge and moulding them into responsible, respectful, and empathetic human beings is even more difficult. Like most families nowadays, we are both working parents. So, we already don’t get enough time with our children, on top of that problem, the education system as a whole does not properly involve parents in the learning process.

Here at Praadis, we truly believe that the parent-child interaction in the learning process is the key to its success. A child’s first teacher are his parents and we believe that relationship in educational terms is vital for long-term development. We feel so strongly about its benefits in learning that we even included a virtual assistant in PIE that acts as a mentor/friend on the student’s PIE learning journey. Like this feature, there are a slew of other features that we carefully placed in PIE for the benefit of the student.

We also want to clearly state that PIE serves as a perfect complement to classroom learning and as a perfect substitute for coaching or tuition. There is a gap between in-person schooling and student comprehension and this gap is filled by tutors. This gap is directly related to teacher effectiveness, class size, and personal attention. This is where PIE shines! PIE provides a personalized learning experience tailored to each user that is highly engaging and effective.

All things in moderation is a lesson taught to all youngsters but in this case a lot of PIE will do the students in your family, a whole a lot of good. The reasons stated above are just some of the qualitative reasons why PIE is above the rest in Edutech but the simple fact remains that we are just discerning parents, like you, trying to give our children and yours the best possible education.

Our Directors

Prashant Bhatia

Prashant Bhatia is a leading attorney in the United States and runs his own law firm based in New York and New Jersey. He served in Bank of America as a Vice President for over 10 years. He completed his education from Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey and further graduated in Law from Seton Hall University, Newark, USA.

Aditi Bhatia

Aditi Bhatia is a leading jewellery designer and Graduate Gemologist. She is a Business graduate from a renowned university and added a feather to her cap with a Graduate Gemologist degree from Gemological Institute of America (GIA), New York and Graduated from Carlsbad, California.