12 Best Educational learning apps for 2021
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12 Best Educational learning apps for 2021

12 Best Educational learning apps for 2021

Not long ago devices were recognized as a distracting factor for students. Even though teachers and parents advise students to not use the phone and concentrate on their studies.

Teachers and parents did everything they could to keep smartphones from interfering with children's education. All of their actions were futile. But, as the saying goes there is always a silver lining to every cloud.

This time, the silver lining was ELearning. Applications have transformed smartphones into virtual classrooms where students can complete academic activities with efficiency and concentration.

Furthermore, the applications inspire young children to enjoy learning by making their first steps into school engaging and enjoyable. Education applications have made everything simple and pleasant whether it is mastering concepts, scheduling class activities, or developing expertise in new industries.

Here is the list of top 12 learning educational Apps, You can Checkout:

1.Praadis Institute of Education:

Praadis is one of the most fascinating sites on the web, and it is one of India's Top 10 Best Learning Apps. Some of the characteristics that put it at the top of the list are interactive 3d videos, Classroom Videos, Unique Storytelling approach, and Booster. Praadis has two apps for juniors and seniors, as well as a master app for parents to monitor their children's progress. Apart from that, they also provide preparation for competitive or entrance examinations such as AILET, LSAT, CLAT, JEE, NEET, GMAT, GRE, and other similar exams, making it India's finest learning app. You may win awesome prizes by taking the practice tests in the PIE applications. Praadis Education also provides Coding Classes beginning at the introductory level to prepare students for the future.

2.Khan Academy:

For both students and instructors, the Khan Academy is a free educational application. Khan Academy includes active learning, video tutorials, and a customized dashboard that allows students to study in and outside their classroom on their schedule. This software enables you to locate educational resources for math, literature, language, science, and much more. The application provides you, either by viewing or saving them for later vision or if you do not have Internet access, to see more than 4,300 video courses on subjects, including math, physics, economics, and science. All of the classes are in the form of video lectures. Videos show a drawing on a digital board being recorded (like a teacher giving a lecture) and the narrator discusses each lesson using these illustrations. Isn't it very straightforward? Khan Academy also offers online courses to help students prepare for standardized examinations such as the SAT, MCAT, and LSAT.

3.Google Classroom:

Students typically have to prepare and complete assignments and projects in an educational institution and instructors must evaluate and classify them ASAP. But does this method sound that simple? For anyone, to say the least, all those processes are quite annoying. Would it not be fantastic if there were a method to simplify these procedures? The perfect outcome to this dilemma is Google Classroom. Google Classroom is mainly a virtual type school. That is, we may use it to make announcements, create courses, initiate conversations, upload and analyse assignments, ask for comments and replies, share information, and so forth. It is equally simple to set up a Google Classroom. Instructors distribute the class code and the students will join by simply entering the codes. It's all it takes to set up a digital classroom.


Many students aspire of studying at elite universities such as Harvard, MIT, Columbia, etc. But students also know that top colleges are not simple to get into. Well, nothing will stop you from making these dreams when you have edx on your phone. These colleges are brought to your fingertips via edX. EdX will be every step of the way for you, no matter what you need to learn. All under the sun and above may be learned through edX. More than 2000 courses are given in edX by the best institutions such as technology, business studies, languages, architecture, etc. You always benefit from expert credentials and university credit from these courses in your job.


Group learning is an effective method for individuals to fill in learning gaps. However, it is not always feasible to gather a group of students under one roof to learn together. The Remind app is the perfect solution to this problem. Remind allows us to remain in touch with our campus environment, this group includes instructors and parents in addition to students. You will receive frequent updates on your class activities after you can join our school community by entering a unique school or class code. Remind may also be used to message to the entire class, exchange images, and presentations, complete tasks, and clarify issues with your classmates, both privately and cooperatively.


This educational application will lead your children into an amazing adventure where they will rescue furry tiny animals, win challenges and play with their pals. But the truth is, your small student truly improves mathematical competence using a state curriculum tailored to your area and the grade of your child (up to eighth). Whether it's mathematics, they do not need a little help, or just watch. other unboxing toys on YouTube for children, it's this app!

7.Wolfram Alpha:

For both iOS and Android, Wolfram Alpha is a classic. There is a host of expertise, including mathematics, statistics, physics, and chemistry, in many scientific fields. It's a must-purchase software for students as well as people who require an encyclopaedia in their pocket.

8.Star Chart:

Did you not stare at the stars at midnight and want to know what constellation you look at? Well, Star Chart Can help. All you have to do is direct your smartphone to the sky, and the app will show you precisely what you are searching for using GPS technology and 3D modelling. It is a hands-on manner that brings students into the actual world and gives them the tools to analyse what they see.

9.The Great Courses:

University is costly. However, if you are not interested in signing up for an extra degree, try examining the Great Courses. This free educational software gives academics lectures on a wide range of topics. You may download lectures or watch courses and even connect them to your Google Chromecast. Learn mathematics, economics, engineering, music, and language classes in college, all at your leisure. While the app is free, you will have to pay for each course you want. Try your free trial to find out whether it's suitable for you.


For kids from kindergarten to 12th grade, IXL is enjoyable and interactive. The practical questions are based on common core criteria and respond to the student dynamically. This is helpful to evaluate the skill and level of a learner. Without logging up, up to 20 questions for practice are accessible daily. You have to pay for membership to have access to more advanced features such as analytics and innovative teaching programs. The program is available in its full version on the internet. Depending on your operating system, the mobile apps offer almost Everything. As of now, the Apple, Android, and Kindle app shops have been carrying the entire mathematical material, and the Apple app is the only one to have the language arts.


Quizlet employs the Method of Flashcards to simplify learning. You may design and study from your flashcards, or you can select from millions of other users. The Quizlet flashcards mix text, graphics, and audio with over 50 million students across the world, so you remember what you'd studied. This software supports 18 languages abroad, including English, French, Chinese, and German. You may also share your flashcard with your fellow students to swap tasks and assessments. Quizlet Premium features include ad-free study, night theme, and offline access.

12.Solo Learn:

Solo Learn provides a wide range of free computer programming and coding content. Whether you are a newbie or a professional programmer, you have access to hundreds of programming courses to help you learn programming principles and polish up your programming skills over time. Website development, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, and many others as Python, Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, SQL, Artificial Intelligence, and many more technologies, is available. The app recommends fresh material based on your activity, preferences, and the most recent coding trends. You may create, run, and share actual code directly from your mobile device, without the need for any additional installs or configurations. An interactive community of coders is available to assist you with your questions at any time and from any location.